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Kitten Adoption Process

Kittens are held and evaluated for a minimum of 8 weeks before they are made available for reservation. Once a kitten is made available, we will at that time begin our application process. If you see a kitten that stands out to you and it is available, please reach out and we will set up a phone interview.

Kittens are able to leave for their forever homes by 12 weeks of age.

Under our kitten tab, our current litters, along with a photo of each kitten will be listed along with their status.

Kitten Status:

AVAILABLE: Adoption applications are being accepted at this time

EVALUATION: Under Breeder evaluation, kitten is not available at this time

STAYS: Kitten will stay in the cattery

RESERVED: Deposit received and held for home, Kitten is not available 


Kitten price is established by the color of the coat and type of paw of each kitten.

Solid color, tabby pattern or dark smoke:

Regular paws ~ $3,000.00

Poly ~ $3,200.00

High silver tabby or high smoke:

Regular paw ~ $3,200.00

Poly ~ $3,400.00

Shaded, Shell or Chinchilla:

Regular Paw ~ $3,700.00

Poly ~ $4,000.00

Kittens are sold as pets only.

We at times we will consider offering breeding rights to an approved cattery only.

 Breeding rights are between:


What is Included?

Weekly Photos 

Two Visits to Licensed Veterinarian

Two rounds of feline distemper 

Deworming and clear fecal panel

30 days pet insurance 

Registration paperwork (Once kitten has been spayed or neutered)

Going home bag filled with food and toys


Can I visit the Cattery?

Although we wish we could allow visitors, we run a closed cattery.

This is our home as well as our fur babies' home and we need our space to remain a peaceful, stable environment for all who abide in it.

Do you ship?

We will ship with an approved courier only. Our babies travel all over the US! 

An additional fee for the required Health Certificate will be required and setting up transport will be the responsibility of the family.

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