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         FarmHaus Coons Rose of Sharon

Rosie was born here in our cattery.  She is solid black in color and is everything we look for in a maine coon. We could not be more proud of her. She is the picture of health with an amazing temperament. 


Chatterbox Coons Diamond

Home Name: Jasmine

From European bloodlines and sweet as she is gorgeous, we are so excited to have her in our program. She is a pale black silver tabby from the most gorgeous shaded lines. She is the mother to FarmHaus Coons Wonder, our future queen.


FarmHaus Coons Tiramisu

Born in our cattery, daughter of FarmHaus Coons Rose of Sharon. Tiramisu is a beautiful black smoke and always purring. 


Gonsoir Line Duchess


Duchess is an absolutely stunning Maine Coon! Great bone structure, temperament, strong features and all those extra toes! Beyond excited for upcoming litters from this future queen. 


Moonrise Coon Morning Glory

All the way from Poland! Excited for all of our smoke babies in 2024!