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      Welcome to     FarmHaus Coons

          Maine Coon Breeder            Registered with TICA 
   Est. 2019

Here at FarmHaus Coons we love our Maine Coons! Each cat and kitten are so unique and yet carries the traits we have grown to love in this magnificent breed. 

Maine Coons are highly social cats and love their humans! They are often referred to as the dog of the cat world. 

We are a small in-home cattery where we specialize in European lines. Our focus is on the temperament and health​ of our adults and our kittens. We strive to meet the Maine Coon breed standard to the best of our ability.  We raise our kittens in a loving home environment where we believe they can truly thrive. 

"We are so happy with our two fur babies from Farmhaus Coons!  Biscuit and Gravy have great temperaments and are huge balls of fluff and love!  Jennifer has an amazing cattery and we can't thank her enough for the perfect additions to our family."

Wendy, VA

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